preheater,car pre heater,defa,defa preaheater,electrica preheater,electrical preheater

Start the day in a warm car

Installation of electrical preheating systems

preheater,car pre heater,defa,defa preaheater,electrica preheater,electrical preheater

With Defa or Calix preheating, every winter morning will be incredibly comfortable! You will get into a warm car, the engine will be ready to work, and the battery will be fully charged – and this even on the coldest days. The preheater is easily connected to a regular 220V outlet and its use is no more difficult than an electric kettle. This guarantees a warm interior, reduces engine wear and saves fuel. For our part, we will offer professional installation and an individual approach. With us, your winter will definitely be warm and carefree!

Select preheat kit,​

which one is best for you

preheater,car pre heater,defa,defa preaheater,electrica preheater,electrical preheater

Classic kit

A simple solution suitable for everyone

The ‘Classic’ kit is a simple and economical solution for pre-warming your car. It includes your choice of basic components for heating the engine or interior, as well as charging the battery if necessary. Customize your heating system to suit your needs and budget. Take a step towards a comfortable and warm winter!

preheater,car pre heater,defa,defa preaheater,electrica preheater,electrical preheater

Defa Premium kit

Maximum convenience and functionality

‘Defa Premium’ is a solution for those who value maximum convenience and functionality. This is a complete turnkey solution, where everything is thought out: from heating the interior and engine to smart control. Just select a device to control – a remote control, a smartphone or a timer in the cabin – and sign up for installation. Get maximum comfort with minimum hassle!

preheater,car pre heater,defa,defa preaheater,electrica preheater,electrical preheater

Electrical preheating: comfort and savings for your car

In winter, every car owner is faced with the problem of a cold engine start and a frozen interior. Defa and Calix offer the ideal solutions to this problem – electrical vehicle preheating systems. These systems not only provide comfort in cold weather, but also extend engine life, save fuel and charge the battery.

How do Defa and Calix preheat systems work?

Both systems easily connect to a standard 220V electrical outlet and start working immediately when connected. The system may include various components: engine heating, interior heating, battery charger and control modules.

Component selection: Classic vs Premium

We, Mugav Auto, based on our experience and customer feedback, have prepared for you two main heating kits, Classic and Premium.
The Classic kit is ideal for those looking for a basic yet effective solution. Using our designer with the main components Defa and Calix, you can assemble the system yourself depending on your needs and budget.
Defa Premium kit – This is a complete turnkey solution in which everything is already thought out. It includes interior and engine heating, battery charging and intelligent system control.

Main differences between Defa and Calix

The quality of the main components, such as the engine heater and connecting wires, is similar. If you consider the basic kits from our Classic line, you will not feel any difference in quality or reliability.
The Defa offers more powerful cabin heaters and smart controls that the Calix lacks. Defa is a more premium and reliable choice, especially if you’re looking for smart systems and are willing to pay a little more. Calix is a more cost-effective and simpler option, ideal for those looking for a basic solution without additional features.

Defa and Calix preheating systems are an investment in comfort and long-term savings. With us, your winter will be warm and carefree!

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