Defa Premium - a complete solution

for pre-heating your car with full control

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Our Defa  ‘Premium’ sets are a complete turnkey solution with everything already thought of. It includes interior and engine heating, battery charging and intelligent system control. This is a more premium and reliable choice, especially if you’re looking for smart systems and are willing to pay a little more for comfort.

Choose Defa Premium set,

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Defa WarmUp Bluetooth

Remote control from smartphone

The WarmUp Bluetooth kit from DEFA includes a engine heater, cabin heater with a power of 1400-1900 W, a 5A charger, a Bluetooth module and all the necessary wires for connection. You can manage all this directly from your smartphone via the DEFA app. The app allows you to set the heating time, monitor battery charge and temperature, and also sends notifications if the power cable is not connected or disconnected from the car.

Price of the set including installation: 1400W — 930€, 1900W — 950€

Defa WarmUp Futura

Set up the activation in advance from inside the car

The WarmUp Futura kit from DEFA includes an engine heater, cabin heater with a power of 1400-1900 W, a 5A charger, a Futura timer for control from the cabin and all the necessary cables for connection. With the Futura timer you can program the heating time, monitor the battery charge and the temperature in the cabin.

Price of the set including installation: 1400W — 940€, 1900W — 960€

Defa WarmUp SmartStart

Turn on the heater from the remote control

The WarmUp SmartStart kit from DEFA includes an engine heater, 1400-1900W cabin heater, a 5A charger, a SmartStart control panel and all the necessary cables. With the SmartStart remote, you can set up to two daily departure times, select different heating options, and even monitor battery health.

Price of the set including installation: 1400W — 980€, 1900W — 1000€

Ask for a personal offer

for Defa Premium set installation

Contact us to receive a personal offer! We will help you choose the ideal heating kit, recommend the optimal power and control system, and do everything possible to make your winter as comfortable as possible.

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