How to choose a preheater for your car

Winter is not only a time of cozy evenings enjoying the warmth of the fireplace, but also a period when car owners face a number of challenges. One of them is a cold engine start and a frozen cabin. Electric heaters are the solution. In this article, we will discuss the main aspects that will help you in choosing a kit.

Who needs an engine preheater and why?
The engine heater is ideal for those who want to speed up the engine warm-up in cold weather. This not only makes starting easier, extending the life of the engine, but also saves fuel. This is especially true if the engine needs a help with starting in severe cold.

Interior heater: How to choose?
The cabin heater is a great way to preheat the cabin to a comfortable temperature. The power of these devices varies from 1200 W to 1900 W. The choice of power depends on the size of your car and the speed at which you want to heat the cabin. Remember that more powerful models take up more space.

Don’t forget the battery charger.
Charging keeps the battery working, which is especially important if you don’t use the car all the time or your journeys are usually short. Charging helps to avoid unpleasant surprises when a dead battery prevents the car from starting.

Control: Simple or automatic?
Simple control means you plug the plug into the socket and the heater starts working. If you want complete control over your heating system, we recommend our Premium suite of smart control systems. They allow you to program modes, turn on the system remotely and use the battery charger separately from the heating system.

Why choose the Premium set?
Our Premium package is a complete “turnkey” solution, where everything is already thought out. It includes cabin and engine heating, battery charging and smart system control. It is a more premium and reliable option, especially if you are looking for smart systems and are willing to pay a little more for convenience.

Electric vs Autonomous heater
Compared to autonomous systems such as Webasto, electric heaters are simpler and cheaper. They are ideal for those who can plan their journeys and have the ability to connect to a 220V outlet.

Your winter will be warm and carefree with us!

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